Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We had a bunch of baby girl showers last year, here are some of the items I made:

A diaper flower arangement

 One of my friends was super bummed about not being able to have a cocktail during her pregnancy, so I made her this booze plant for her, once that baby was born she was ready for cigars and cocktails :-)

I'm not a huge fan of the baby carriage, but it was kinda cute

Pacifier party favors made from chocolate covered Oreos, jelly beans, live savers and ribbon

Baby cupcakes with real pacifiers

Birp cloths, diaper and wipes belt, and a home made tag toy

A close up of the Velcro strap to keep diapers and a thin wipe container together

The no pink diaper cake for Heather's Baby Shower

The first diaper cake I ever made

An old school popcorn cake with pink M&Ms and home made truffles around the base

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  1. Do you have directions on how you made the diaper flower arrangement?