Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stuffed Mushrooms and Stem Removal Idea:
The inspiration was also from FoodNetwork Magazine...wash them (I know this is controversial, but it didn't hurt them and I know there is no dirt, so less a shot of anyone getting sick, if it's a big deal to you not to wash them, then go a head and take a walk on the wild side) :)

Take out the stem, I think this is always a pain, a knife never seems to work well, so I had an idea...

Instead I used a grapefruit spoon to pop the stem out, and it worked like a charm...I just poke the spoon all around the stem, and then tilted the mushroom so the stem popped right out. I would say it worked great about 95% of the time and was SO much faster!

 All hallow and ready to be filled...I used the same grapefruit spoon to scoop enough cream cheese of the block and into the mushrooms, then I didn't want to use chives because as I said before we don't usually do onions...Instead I used some bacon bits and oregano on top

We have some vegetarians, so I made a few without bacon

These were pretty easy and yummy, but I think I like the ones more that are stuffed them with Stove Top and top with a little parmigiana cheese

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