Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bunchie Scrunchies

Bunchie Scrunchies 

Allison wanted some comfort blankies for Kinley and Reese, but as with all things twinkies there needs to be a little modification, two full sized blankies won't fit in the diaper bag, so I made them each a bunchie scrunchie

(When you have a kiddo one just won't do, so for the twins I made 4 of each, you can have one in the crib, one in the diaper bag, one in the car and one in the wash)

Kinley's Bunchie Scrunchie...I like a more grown up fabric for babies because they keep growing and often they are still carrying them around at 5, plus mom's usually the one that has it in her hand, so it needs to look like her as well...

Reese's needed to go with Kinley's but it also needed to be different enough that Allison could see easily which was which...I like this fabric, the front of each and the back of each are from the same company but in different color so they look similar and feel exactly the same...

Instead of being the size of a blanket the Bunchie Scrunchis is about the size of a throw pillow (around 18 by 20) I sewed them right sides together, left a little hole, flipped it right side out, then sewed all the way around the outside to give it a little bit of a boarder and a little more finished look without having to deal with an actual binding...

 Here are the girls with their Bunchie Scrunchies :) Oh how I love my nieces!

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