Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Dinner 2012

Southern Style Green Beans:

I haven't ever tried to make these myself before, but I love 'em so I wanna make 'em at home :)

Cut up the potatoes and shallots, this is way to much potato, you only need about 1/4 cup
I melted the butter
Added the shallot (we use them because we have a lot of onion allergies in my family, but to do it again I may have just used the dry onions instead)
I used neck instead of a ham hock, wouldn't make that choice if doing it again, but they didn't have the hock when I was at the store...next time I'd go to another store to have the good stuff
Added the green beans and the part of potato, I also added salt and pepper with some Tony Chachere's Seasoning at the end
Andy made a Standing Rib Roast, the rub was yummy and smelled so good, he used this recipe 

Christmas Dinner:Standing Rib Roast, Southern Green Beans, Candied Sweet Potatoes (that Bonnie made), and winter squash (yellow and orange) It was a yummy meal, despite the issues with the power being out


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