Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stuffed Snow Peas:I got this idea from FoodNetwork Magazine, although it suggested stuffing the snow peas with "Greek Caviar Spread" but I chose Garlic and Herb soft cheese instead :)

Let the cheese sit out a little bit so it softens up some, then put it in a piping bag (uhg) :)
Fill a bowl with some water and ice
Fill a bowl with some water and ice
Boil some water
Put the pea pods in for about 30 seconds (at sea level)
Throw them in an ice bath to stop cooking
Split the pea pods open around the curved side, I read you should do it with a knife, but I didn't find that to work very well...I tried just using my finger nail, which worked pretty well, but some that were tougher I ended up using kitchen scissors on each end, then they pulled open pretty easily...then use the piping back to fill the middle with the cheese
 After they are filled put them back in the refrigerator, because they are not yummy when they are warmish...To be totally honest these were good, but to do it over again I would just let the cheese soften up and have people dip the raw pea pods into the softened cheese...these were kind of a pain...

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